Nasir Jamshed, accused of playing the main role in fixing saga during the Pakistan Super Legaue 2017 season, is willing to cooperate with the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) inquiry into the PSL corruption investigation. But he wants the board to wait until an ongoing investigation by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) emanating from the same case comes to an end.

Jamshed and another man were arrested by the NCA in February and were later released on bail. Those arrests were made in connection with offences as part of an investigation into spot-fixing. That arrest came on the same day that he was first provisionally suspended by the PCB.

The PCB believes Jamshed to be a central figure in its investigations into attempts to corrupt the second edition of the PSL, in which several other Pakistani players have been charged.

“I have no control over what is being said in the media,” said Jamshed in a video message from his England residence. “I have neither changed residences, nor am I hiding from anyone. I am completely ready to cooperate with the PCB. My only request is to let the NCA inquiry being conducted to reach its conclusion first.”

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